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Meet up and discuss Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond


Ah, good ol' Diamond. I spent a lot of time reading his books in college, so I MAY even sit in on this one! Get ready to hear me scoff and say "environmental determinist" about a dozen times! SYNOPSIS In this "artful, informative, and delightful"...

Pot luck / Meet and Greet PARTY

Lesbians Ride Motorcycles

Welcome ladies !!  The riding season will be here before we know it, so let's get acquainted with each other.   Drinks, Games, Cards, Karaoke, bonfire due to unseasonably warm weather and MUCHO COMIDA.   (lot's of food - ha) Do you remember...

Community HU Song: Looking for Inner Peace? Chant HU!

The Minnesota Spiritual Experiences Group

In our fast-paced world, are you looking to find more inner peace? Chanting this once-secret name for God, HU, has helped people throughout time find inner peace and divine love. Maybe it will help you! All are welcome to this half-hour HU Song...

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Welcome to my new web site

Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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